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January 09 2018

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November 06 2017

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I’m getting sarcastic responses to this that “well, girls just don’t want to be talked to…. Guess guys will never be able to enter a relationship ever again because we can’t approach women”.

That’s not what this is saying.

There’s a time and a place for everything.
A woman sitting on a bus, wearing headphones, trying to get home after work might not want to talk. Might not want to be hit on.
A woman at a bar, at a club, or another social setting probably won’t mind talking to someone new.

Look around… Read the room. Respect other people’s privacy and boundaries the best you can.

Women in public are there for their own reasons. They’re not venturing out for you.

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October 31 2017

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"I thought we were going out?" "Sorry, I’ve accidentally put my pyjamas on, it’s not something that can be reversed"
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October 25 2017

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instagram | twitter: @heylizyy 

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October 22 2017

Slow Reaction
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October 20 2017

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Sleggveien, Norway by Øystein Engan

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October 17 2017

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daintonight: Gifs from Loving Vincent - finally coming out today!!

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October 12 2017

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Chainsaw art
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Kiedy planuję wycieczkę za granicę po obejrzeniu wiadomości...

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October 07 2017

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